This Stance series highlights the lives of unconventional families who inspire us. Scotty and Lindsay Stopnick are proof that there are no hard and fast rules to parenting.

The Stopnik tribe, Scott and Lindsay, both aged 32, along with their four children, Rosie Pai, aged seven, Izzy Pai, aged six, Goldie Pai, aged four, and Sid Vin, aged one, their cat Wizard, turtle, Tortellini, chickens Rainbow, Lovey, Lil Fella, Blossom and Daisy, are our definition of a modern family. Saturday mornings in the Stopnik home aren’t your standard cartoons and cereal before soccer practice. They often spend them together, selling wares at flea markets and you'll see their front drive obscured by a cement skate ramp, in lieu of a minivan. Scott and Lindsay are proof that there are no hard and fast rules to parenting, that being a parent doesn’t mean growing old, but growing with your children, and making sure to enjoy yourself along the way. 

We caught up with Scotty, the man behind Southern California’s Cycle Zombies, wheel enthusiast, and all around cool dad, and asked him to share a bit about falling in love, and raising kids his own way.

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