A neoteric sales and marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado

A neoteric sales and marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado


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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Protect Our Winters! Learn More Here.


 Our Team





7+ years of experience in customer service, Office management and events

Role:: Office Coordinator. Marketing coordinator. Event support. Operations assistant. Trade shows. Dealer service. EDI. Reporting. Can ride a bike faster than you.





Owner/Operator 10+ years of experience

Role: National, regional chains management. Operations manager. New business development. Aspen & Summit County servicing, total territory travel. Principal rep and business driver.



10+ years of sales experience

Role: Senior Sales Representative. Front range Snow Specialty, Outdoor and Boutique. Vail Valley servicing. Assists with National accounts execution. Beast on a snowboard. Incredible beard game.



10+ years of sales experience

Role: Sales Representative. Front range IBD specialist, Vail Valley IBD support, Winter park and Steamboat Springs servicing. Most likely to ride her bike to go skiing.



10+ years of sales experience

Role: Sales Representative. Southern Colorado and NM servicing- All categories/brands. Makes catching fish look like fine art.

 Our Mission

SuperFluent is a neoteric sales and marketing agency based in Denver Colorado.

We exist to meaningfully connect retailers and brands with the goal to build mutual, long term success for both. It is our mission, our passion & our reason to be.

We partner as mentors, consultants, ambassadors and enthusiasts to the brands and the retailers we bring together.

We are SuperFluent.

 Our Values



To express gratitude is to consistently demonstrate respect to each other, our customer’s and brand’s goals. We are gracious for our opportunities


To pursue and execute sales growth in as much creative capacity as can be mustered.

Straight lines are for 9-5rs.


Without responsibility, freedom is wasted. We are responsible to each other, the brands we represent, and the customers we sell to.



 Spring Equinox in Colorado. Super moon. Magical backcountry access. Deep Snow. On March 21st, Superfluent in collaboration with partners Smith and Fat Tire brought retailers from all over Colorado together to launch the new Smith 4D Mag goggle available Fall of this year. We skinned and shoed up Berthoud pass in the Arapahoe forest wilderness to the legendary Broome hut, where retailers were treated to a 4 star backcountry experience including private chef.

Superfluent marketing rep AJ Appezzato lead a backcountry and avalanche awareness course in the hut, followed by an afternoon tour at 11,350ft above sea level. The weather opened up and the crew was frothing for turns in the playful zones above the hut. The Smith 4D Mag was well tested and received. As the shadows of the surrounding mountains crept and the stars in the crystal clear sky began to blink, Adventure Chef Alex Ghiggeri whipped together the most epic backcountry taco bar ever and our partner New Belgium fueled the fun with ample Fat Tire well into the night.

The tour and ride out the following morning was met with fresh snow. Pow turns all the way back to the cars! Special thanks to AJ and Grant for safely guiding the experience. Looking forward to the next retail adventure!


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